Different seasons of family life are calm and others are boiling points. Lets just say that when change is happening there will be heat trapped or lost. Where there is heat there could be smoke ( of many kinds ) and where there is smoke there is frequently a smoldering ember or fire about to create hardship in the family.

Family counseling is related to group counseling in that the therapist needs to create order within the system. The therapist becomes a fulcrum with the skills he has to cause the system to come into order. Some of my most interesting times as a therapist have been when I have inserted myself as a catalyst in a family to redirect the family to truth, peaceful living, and living differently. The avoidance of pain will continue to create pain. Usually these sessions run for about 10 or more meetings because of the greater need and amount of people involved.

Blended families have an added task of finding balance in the process and making their marriage and families work based on a choice rather than a birth certificate. This isn't different in wording from a marriage that is not blended. The difference is noticed in the extraneous spokes of the wheel that are connected to the couple from one of them being a parent or step parent. The manner in which the two parents are paired and fused is of utmost importance. While adoption, fostering, participating in raising grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or all different matter of connection are numerous, a blended family has a much more dynamic feel because the members frequently have a voice, are connected and valued in different ways to their system, and desire to be attuned and heard.

These family counseling services are provided at both our Frisco counseling, and Celina counseling locations in North Texas.

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