First Time Client or Clients

The following is a list of paperwork I will send you when you contact me. You will need to bring the packet FILLED OUT before the session to better facilitate the on-boarding and address needs in the first session. If paperwork is incomplete before your first appointment then it will take away from the session time which is wanted to set aside for goals and planning future visits. Counseling is rarely a one time event. Please email me at andrew@myrootedsoul.com to receive all of these documents. Thanks!

  1. New Client Packet
  2. Adult Registration and Information
  3. Client Consent
  4. Notice of Privacy Practices
  5. Notice of Privacy Practices Receipt
  6. Release of Information
  7. Drivers License or Identification Card
  8. Form of Payment (Rates)


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FAmily Sessions

Forms needed for families in addition to the ones above.

  1. Adolescent Registration
  2. Spouse Registration

Additional Info: