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Individual Counseling

This type of care and connection is one on one counseling with focus on improving different facets of one's life or all of ones life. Many people first come to counseling with a symptom or symptoms that they want to work on. The degree to which change is found in a counseling setting varies on the strength of the person to accept the change, make choices that are effective in choosing different thoughts, emotions and behaviors and taking the one by one steps to overcome various types of concerns. Intensity of the work varies, but you are the best person to know what level you want for yourself. These sessions usually run on a weekly basis for a minimum of 5-6 sessions before progress is seen. Click HERE for more.

Trauma care

Individuals that have been under a lot of stress or experienced unexpected pain may have trauma in their current or past history. This could be connected to something really new happening or something really old in the past reoccurring in their mind. Frequently there is not a knowledge of how to cope with the thought and it bothers so much that it exacerbates the symptoms of depression, sleeplessness, and anxiety already present. Flooding the system like this ends up causing health problems and at worst case altercations with strangers or people that you love. Often a way of coping would be to use high doses of medications to relieve the symptoms and this type of individual is familiar with seeing a medical doctor for such help. I think medications are essential at times for creating a way to function and live, but addressing the emotions and behavior in therapy will also cause increases in function. Having specialized in high level chronic illness care, substance abuse treatment, and tools to treat trauma and disordered states, I have knowledge of how to treat trauma patients or refer to higher levels of care. Please come see me as soon as you can to work on finding some relief. Click HERE for more.

Andrew is a compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced therapist who consistently offers excellent treatment for his clients.
— JS - Former Colleague


A basic view of depression would indicate that it has to have been present for a good amount of time, created new patterns of thinking, and caused pain or hardship with relationships, work, or basic self care. Frequently the latter is when you discover the patterns that are driving it and want to come to a professional to seek change. Regular treatment of depression through therapy is also something that is good to maintain. Going to sessions on a regular basis helps you and the therapist evaluate how you are coping or functioning. Good prevention keeps one from falling back to old habits or helping see signs that depression is getting worse. Suicidal depression is not something to play or put off. Playing a joke and saying you are thinking about ending your life is still a cause for concern because thoughts have the ability to lead to action. Come in for an evaluation and see what you can do to be kind to yourself. These sessions usually run anywhere from weekly sessions that are accomplished over 1 month to a year at times. Click HERE for more.

Obsessive Compulsive

If you think you are going to lose your job every day you go to work, if you are concerned about what people think about you or if they are judging you, or if you are noticing you can't avoid a certain thought or behavior and you impulsively choose to follow through with it regardless of the repetition or consequence, and you think this is a really long sentence and you think I need some punctuation and to stop writing... come and see me and count the door knobs on the way here to make sure you can return to where you started. Frequently these session might include in session work or homework to increase skills. Preparing to face things you might not enjoy could be part of this work to increase tolerance. Sessions usually take various lengths to complete the goals. Click HERE for more.

Substance abuse

Walking with a substance abuser is something I have done frequently and I know that I can only walk or run when they want me to be a partner in the fight to not use what they crave. If you are in need of these type of services or help, please come and get ready for homework and admitting that there are a lot of underlying causes that are present in your life. The time spent here will not go without growth and rewiring the brain is something that I am passionate about and want to do with utmost care and integrity. Amount of time working for sobriety is up to the client, but the longer the better. Statistical results indicate healing comes with time in this area of treatment. Click HERE for more.

Andrew Siefers is incredibly insightful, While working with him in our graduate program, he would always ask incredibly thought provoking questions. He is gifted at creating an outstanding therapeutic alliance, quickly, Andrew is always someone I felt safe with and knew he really listened, I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking therapeutic services.
— KF - Grad School Colleague

Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a 3 part agreement between God, man, and woman. When you stand before God to make a commitment or a covenant connecting to another person for a lifetime of faithful union, there are going to be times when seeking help is necessary. In traditional settings the beginning of a marriage is frequently done before the leader of a religious organization and attended by friends and family. In some settings it is an agreement before a judge, a clerk, or a common law provision of trust developed over time. The origin of marriage is not the concern. How one is developing and taking the time to attend to your marriage is the focus. Marriages frequently come to counseling because of communication problems, bitterness, jealousy, fighting, anger problems, hurt, depression and anxiety, infidelity, separation, a desire to leave the marriage and parenting problems. These are all symptoms indicating there is potential for growth. Health can be had when the underlying root cause of the couples distress is addressed. My intent is to treat the marriage and so if both partners do not attend at the same time the session is not begun until they are both in agreement to be present at the same time. These sessions run for 50 minutes usually on a weekly basis for a minimum of 6-8 sessions to begin to see reduction of stress and education about how to cope. I make every effort to fight for the marriage to remain. Click HERE for more.

Family Counseling

Different seasons of family life are calm and others are boiling points. Lets just say that when change is happening there will be heat trapped or lost. Where there is heat there could be smoke ( of many kinds ) and where there is smoke there is frequently a smoldering ember or fire about to create hardship in the family. Family counseling is related to group counseling in that the therapist needs to create order within the system. The therapist becomes a fulcrum with the skills he has to cause the system to come into order. Some of my most interesting times as a therapist have been when I have inserted myself as a catalyst in a family to redirect the family to truth, peaceful living, and living differently. The avoidance of pain will continue to create pain. Usually these sessions run for about 10 or more meetings because of the greater need and amount of people involved. Click HERE for more.

Andrew is a man of good character and excellent professional skills as a professional counselor as well - Paul Meier MD


Did the garage door go down when you left? Did you see what was around the corner? or are you afraid of what is around the corner? What if it is something that you can't possibly think about facing because it just can't possibly be real or happen? Well asking the what if questions and worrying about whether or not your parents or children have been in an accident in the last five minutes are well known things that people with anxiety deal with daily. Deeper forms of anxiety frequently need medication assistance. I think this is something good for the person who is coping. Medication will create a way for a skilled therapist to move a person past the true underlying fear. Medication also causes one to be temporarily free of symptoms to focus and create a healthier existence while in therapy. Anxiety tends to be an indicator of deeper concerns. When connecting further underneath the surface with a skilled clinician, other concerns pop up. Click HERE for more.