premarital Engagement Counseling

Pre-Marital Engagement: This is a very significant and memorable time in life. I consider the responsibility of shaping a couples thoughts and expectations about their coming choice, change, and covenant with profound dignity and reverence. I also have some key networking providers that engage in this area of growth with me and I esteem the wealth of information they have regarding this stage in a couples life. No doubt you will find that when you come to me for this type of counsel I will also bring a well sought out team with me to work to create a foundation of Godly, humble, and lasting marriage living.

Something this team will provide is some well known inventory testing that will help the couple to understand and discuss potential pitfalls and process areas of strength and weakness within the relationship. Access to Prepare/Enrich testing is able to be offered through an affiliate with a fee of $50 and scored by a trained provider. This testing is used to give the sessions added insight and focus. I love providing a well rounded perspective during this happy time of planning and joyful enthusiasm.

If the couple is coming after previous hardships with other relationships, previous marriages that were broken by legal separation and divorce, or a history of common law spouses, I work with couple to make sure there their interests concerning moving forward are well founded and not a spontaneous desire or decision. The potential of blending a family together due to offspring being present, is a pleasure to work with, as well. I enjoy facilitating group discussions and increasing the power of the couple to bring healing to what has happened and be aware of potential set backs in the future. During these sessions I work hard to make sure that the couple is a the central focus for the family and is respected even when children do not agree with their desire to marry or cause friction.

These pre-marital counseling services are provided at both Frisco counseling, and Celina counseling locations.

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