Sliding scale will be considered if there is evidence to support it's use.



Initial intake (All)

90 min

This session is the initial first time meeting of one or more people with Andrew. The focus is on finding if there is the right fit and expertise you need with Andrew for treatment, beginning to set goals and to move forward with the intent of accomplishing the goals in subsequent sessions.


Individual Session (1)

50 min

This session is designed to provide time and space for an individual person 18 years of age or older to meet with Andrew.  Work will focus on a plan fashioned by the client and counselor and form forward energy that will create movement toward healing or meeting needs.




Marriage Session (+2)

50 min

This session is the subsequent meetings after the intake of a husband and wife who are seeking to renew, understand, or create a safe place to address specific areas of their marriage. Frequently these sessions will include topics such as communication, parenting, and boundary injuries. Both husband and wife will need to be present for all sessions of treatment. Should one member not attend the time slot given, the session is canceled with applicable fee charged. Andrew considers the marriage to be the union and without all members present it becomes incomplete and chaotic.


Family Session (+3)

50 min

This session is the subsequent meetings after the intake of parents and their child or children addressing the needs of the family system in a interactive session with Andrew. This is the expected format to address teen concerns, because Andrew chooses to only counsel adults age 18 and above in other sessions, and he finds the most effective use of time to be when teens and parents are moving forward together in the same session. Such topics could include development, substance abuse, relationship issues, and mental health concerns noted in the family system.


Following forms of payment are accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Cash App, and Bank Transfer