My Rooted Soul Counseling

My Rooted Soul Counseling

Celina and Frisco, TX

Are you seeking a professional who understands how…

  • depression, sadness, and grief can overwhelm very quickly

  • anxiety, fear, and relationship concerns seem to get wrapped up in each other

  • communication problems in marriages, families, and friendships are hard at times

  • harm thoughts and suicidal thoughts are nothing to ignore

  • pain, trauma and loneliness seem to coexist

  • substance abuse has a lot of shame and guilt with it

  • infidelity, physical abuse, and sexual abuse is so damaging

  • bullying, social media, and tears seem to go together

  • chronic pain, insomnia, nightmares can leave anyone exhausted

  • performance problems, anger, job loss,

    if you are frustrated, fearful and needing support… I am here.

I am here to support your quest for “different”. My intent is to be available to hear, discover, and understand your hurts and hangups so “different” will begin and a trusted new way will flourish. My Rooted Soul clients choose from 2 different private practice office locations in Celina or Frisco, Texas where we talk in a confidential and safe setting about what matters most to you. We discuss and think about infusing new truth and energy into your current circumstances so that renewal can begin to take root.

You can call me at - 972-716-3841.

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