My Rooted Soul Counseling

My Rooted Soul Counseling

Celina and Frisco, TX


My sense is that you are on a quest to find a different rhythm.

A space where your deepest heartfelt needs are expressed.

A refuge from life’s harsh realities.

My name is Andrew Siefers, MA LPC-S; EMDR. I am Licensed Professional Counselor in Celina and Frisco, Texas. I have been reaching individuals, marriages and families right where they are, in the shattered places they sense and feel. I work to engage in ways that hurting people long to be connected with and heard in the midst of the painful reality they are facing. My knowledge of being able to do this has come with time and experience at high levels of care as I came alongside brokenness and pain in a gentle and quiet way to stabilize and treat partially hospitalized patients, inpatient patients, and substance rehabilitation patients and clients in the last decade.

I know how…

- depression, sadness & grief can overwhelm very quickly and lead to discouragement - anxiety, fear & relationship concerns seem to get wrapped up in each other - communication problems in marriages, families, & friendships are so strained at times - harm thoughts & suicidal thoughts increase when we feel so hopeless - pain, trauma and loneliness seem to coexist in a world pursuing pleasure & self gratification - substance abuse has a lot of shame & guilt with how secretive & hidden it becomes - infidelity, physical abuse & sexual abuse is so damaging our core identity and passions - bullying, social media, & tears seem to go together in a pursuit power & fame - chronic pain, insomnia, nightmares can leave one exhausted & overextended - performance problems create anger & potential job loss from fear of not being enough

Whatever the quest it is, I am here to join you in your journey to support and guide your quest for “different”. I am available on an appointment basis to hear, discover, and understand your hurts and hangups. The goal is often to help relief start, reduction of dysfunction begin and a trusted new way to flourish. The services I provide are customized for each individual, and could include the following:




EMDR Treatment



ANXIETy reduction


SUBSTANCE ABUSe screening and care

My Rooted Soul Counseling clients choose from 2 different private practice office locations in Celina or Frisco, Texas where we talk in a confidential and safe setting about what matters most to you.

We discuss and think about infusing new truth and energy into your current circumstances so that renewal can begin to take root. You can relax and contemplate next steps toward new, and prepare to create and bear lasting fruit of joy, peace, patience, kindness, and forgiveness after having done the hard work of sifting and releasing burdens and problems that are not part of your future. I have hope in… being confident of this very thing, that He (God) who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ; - Phil 1:6.

I invite you to contact me to learn more. - Andrew

The orange button can also take you directly to my confidential online scheduling portal where you can find the exact time we can meet!

There are afternoon, evening and Saturday appointments available and there is current space for new clients!

MRSC is primarily an adult oriented provider and provides pediatric referrals for potential clients who are 0-18 years.