Individuals that have been under a lot of stress or experienced unexpected pain may have trauma in their current or past history. This could be connected to something really new happening or something really old in the past reoccurring in their mind. Frequently there is not a knowledge of how to cope with the thought and it bothers so much that it exacerbates the symptoms of depression, sleeplessness, and anxiety already present. Flooding the system like this ends up causing health problems and at worst case altercations with strangers or people that you love. Often a way of coping would be to use high doses of medications to relieve the symptoms and this type of individual is familiar with seeing a medical doctor for such help. I think medications are essential at times for creating a way to function and live, but addressing the emotions and behavior in therapy will also cause increases in function. Having specialized in high level chronic illness care, substance abuse treatment, and tools to treat trauma and disordered states, I have knowledge of how to treat trauma patients or refer to higher levels of care. Please come see me as soon as you can to work on finding some relief.

This is a link to a part of my website that is a type of treatment that is frequently used for trauma victims.


This is a link to a public 10 minute video where Peter Levine explains a couple of soothing techniques that could be useful to you in helping you cope with your trauma.

These trauma care counseling services are provided in Frisco counseling and Celina counseling locations in North Texas.

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