The core of OCD is repetitive behaviors and thought that gradually is not able to be prevented or controlled. It becomes so habitual that you might not recognize its effect on you. Are you suffering? Is your life pattern stressed and effecting your sleep, eating, or relationships? One can be obsessed with just about anything and after a while the brain begins to believe it is the only way of coping.Things you would expect to be helpful, have become overwhelming. Exercise? Gaming? Spiritual or Religious belief? Verbal conflicts? Addictions? Intimacy issues or an overwhelming need to satisfy personal drives without regard for safety, are real concerns. Sometimes clients dealing with this area of concern are also plagued by legal troubles as a part of the symptoms in their life that they feel out of control about.

If you think you are going to lose your job every day you go to work, if you are concerned about what people think about you or if they are judging you, or if you are noticing you can't avoid a certain thought or behavior and you impulsively choose to follow through with it regardless of the repetition or consequence, and you think this is a really long sentence and you think I need some punctuation and to stop writing... come and see me

Counting the door knobs on the way here to make sure you can return to where you started is not the only manifestation of Obsessive Compulsive behavior. Frequently session might include in session work or homework out of session to increase skills. Preparing to face things you might not enjoy could be part of this work to increase tolerance. Sessions usually take various lengths to complete the goals.

These Obsessive Compulsive Disorder counseling services are provided in Frisco counseling and Celina counseling offices in North Texas.

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