Journeying with a human being who is caught up in patterns of substance abuse is something I have done frequently and I know that I can only walk or run as fast as a client wants me to be a partner in the fight to not use what is at the center of their life. Alcoholism, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Prescription Drugs, and any substance that you place in your body that has an adverse effect of controlling your life because you cannot live without its companionship, creation of temporary relief from patterns of pain, or sensation of peace will only be temporary. Chasing the high will only be futile. If you are ready and willing to focus on your underlying needs by healing from addiction, please come and get ready for homework, daily meetings and admitting that there are a lot of underlying causes that are present in your life that you cannot control. The time spent here will be focused on growth and rewiring the brain. I am passionate about such work and want to work with those who really want to change. I choose to do so with the utmost care and integrity that I can muster. Amount of time working for sobriety is up to the client, but the longer the better. Statistical results indicate healing comes with time in this area of treatment.

I am aware of area resources to begin the journey toward lasting freedom if outpatient services do not allow you to gain a foothold toward change. If you are seeking resources of a higher level of care don’t hesitate to reach out and describe what you are seeking and I will happily provide such information free of charge as this type of counseling is time sensitive and necessary when in crisis.

These substance abuse counseling services are provided in Frisco counseling and Celina counseling offices in North Texas.

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