Depression is a mood disorder that creates physical, emotional and spiritual pain in individuals and families. Depression frequently is present for a good amount of time before people come to treat it. It is frequently a treatable condition and I have had many people come and find help in various forms regarding their depression.

Depression frequently creates new patterns of thinking, and causes pain or hardship with relationships, work, or basic self care. Really the times that we really become aware of depression are in times of crisis. Crisis can take on many different forms and appearances, but if you are sensing you are in crisis, I hear you. There is no form of depression that is right or wrong. It’s all about what you know and believe about your depression. Even if you don’t define yourself as being in crisis, depression is something present and takes the vibrancy and joy out of living for sure.

I work with people who are experiencing all different patterns of depression. When stress activates, emotions overwhelm and life is hard, depression can have a profound effect. When you discover the patterns that are driving depression and have tried everything you can by yourself to change or prevent depression from forming, you will want to come to a professional to seek change. Depression is not a one person type disease to heal. A group of qualified compassionate relationships is such a blessing. I know my abilities to connect provide synergy for change.

My evaluation will support you in every way that I can, even to the point where if necessary I am willing to find every possible way to support your health process and life within professional limits. Your time and well being are important, and because I value your life, your well being is that important to me. Some would say, “you don’t know me!?!”, but I choose to value all lives.

Regular treatment of depression through therapy is also something that is good to maintain. Going to sessions on a regular basis helps you and I evaluate how you are coping or functioning. Good prevention keeps one from falling back to old habits or helping see signs that depression is getting worse. Suicidal depression is not something to play or put off. Consistent visits may assist you in maintaining a defense against such life threatening circumstances. Playing a joke and saying you are thinking about ending your life with your loved ones is a symptom and cause for concern because all thoughts have the ability to lead to irreparable action. 

Come in for an evaluation and see what you can do to be kind to yourself. You are worth it. I have never heard a depressed person indicate to me no matter the length of treatment that they regretted working on meaningful ways of coping with me or any other counselor. I believe that you are worth the care and concern, and you mean a lot to me since you took the time to read these words. Don’t second guess yourself and pass by an opportunity to live a different life, rather than life managing you. Call me.

Depression counseling services are provided in Frisco counseling and Celina counseling locations in North Texas.

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