FEAR: Driving or Driven?

Individuals, couples, marriages, family... don't we all struggle with some form of fear as human beings. I do. I fight feelings of invalidation, unworthiness and frustration that fear creates in me. I cringe at the weakness that I perceive the world thinks of what means. I struggle with how high or low fear drives me. This roller coaster and flood of emotions that seems to dictate my sense of....

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Safe Place

Lately I've been thinking on whole lot about different types of things that are happening and finding myself being more discouraged than usual. So I went on a search to find something that would be encouraging or speak to the heart of what I desire and want to be in my private practice for the clients I am privileged to be a part of their journey. In the process I found this illustration that so connects with the heart of ministry that I felt compelled to share it here.

I hope it helps you and let's you know more about my desire to be a safe place for all of my clients.

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