The Birth of A New Beginning

Some would agree that we gather together at various times of the year to make some connection with our currents, our pasts, and our futures. Invariably the birth of a new year is something that causes me to pause a little and remember that time is not standing still, that there is a re birth that could happen, and that I need to continue to seek out the goals and remember the time.

Does it all matter? Do I matter? What does God say about matter???

At the end of this post I welcome feedback as it is a short one and I am asking for an interactive response about what it could mean if we mattered to ourselves, each other, and to God.

Join me in the dialogue.

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The Season of Masks

What kinds of masks do you like to dress up with? Is it Superhero, Scary or Seductive? I find that in my work I talk about the masks people use as crutches. They latched on to it and enjoyed being something different and then at some point they realize it isn’t working anymore, but the harder they try to pry the smile, the paint, the eyes off their real self the more painful it is. I know the Master Mask Maker and I try to ask him to help and go to him for wisdom when we are facing changes in how a person is working to present their real self to the world. Read more here so you can understand how masks are fun at first, but could be painful later.

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I see consistent care. Making my faith mature. Bending my faith in a way I had not known could create purpose and beauty. Honestly, however, because that is what one says perhaps prior to a shade of a lie. Honestly, I thought I would never get over the loss of the comforts I thought I had in the Place.

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Mental Health

Many variations exist throughout culture and spiritual precedence when the words mental health are utilized. Some would interact with such as an ongoing dialogue. Others would stray or avoid such conversations. Mental health has taken on a lot of good, but also there are some misnomers and myths that are not correct about what mental health is to the average human being.

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Divorce and Realtors

This is a recent marketing piece that has been interesting to me in being able to reach into a different sector of business and connect with other professionals who are extremely knowledgeable about relationships. Many of the attendees indicated their constant concern and also some challenges in being part of the process that divorcing couples have to connect with. Realtors really are unpaid counselors in some ways because of all the time and effort they put into accomplishing moving the world. I have also found them to be profoundly sensitive people regarding the ethics and heart that they perform their job. Realtors definitely have my respect in a lot of ways. Because I am impartial to the process in which I am gaining more friends than being exclusive I want to personally thank some specific businesses that have reached out to form creative ventures and mutual works alongside my desire to reach hurting people.

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Back to School (Fiction)

Back to school presents itself with so many emotions… here are some fun fictitious thoughts about the waning of summer and the beginning of fall. I work with families who are transitioning right now to get schedules worked out for the coming year as they desire to have appointments that don’t interrupt the school day.

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Lust of anything is something that creates division or dissociation from a real connection with God. Do we lust after the fruits of the Spirit? So often the thought that we could remain focused on the goodness of God is lost on a generation that desires more and more evil ways that thinking. I struggle myself with thoughts of evil and also hear in my sessions with others their struggle to overcome or their complacency to remain in bondage. I hope this is a good word or challenge to not remain. Press on.

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