More than any other mental health symptom, most of us can identify with Anxiety. It’s part of our human condistion and is something we have all felt at some time in life. It comes from many different potential sources and a professional evaluation is a great way to increase your ability to master anxieties symptoms.

I enjoy working with individuals who’s primary process is anxiety driven. I am trained in definitive interventions and the ability to access and challenge the symptoms within a reasonable period of time. Granted there are not any guarantee’s as to how long this takes, so lets laugh a little that there aren’t always absolutes, cause the intensity of anxiety to go up, and consider stepping out and emailing me at this point to find out how I help people who feel abnormal find new normal’s.

Do you want to keep living out your life with your current overwhelming circumstance and process?

Did the garage door go down when you left? Did you see what was around the corner? or are you afraid of what is around the corner? What if it is something that you can't possibly think about facing because it just can't possibly be real or you wish with all you mental might that it will not happen? 

Well asking the what if questions and worrying about whether or not your parents or children have been in an accident in the last five minutes are well known things that people with anxiety deal with daily. The cause of your anxiety could have a part in why it exists, or have a totally different source than you may have thought since anxiety really is something that is treated, but frequently it is an energy that exhibits itself due to other causes being present. Having worked with many people, my experience assists me to conclude and discover new ways of thinking that may alleviate and find relief.

Deeper forms of anxiety frequently need medication assistance since anxiety is so unnerving and demanding at times. I am a proponent concerning Medication because it may be good for a time for the person who is coping. I also respect and work with people who choose to reduce or not use meds. Medication will create a way for a couselor to move a person past the true underlying fear as medication is a tool to help change happenMedication also causes one to be temporarily free of symptoms increasing a person’s focus and creating a healthier existence while in therapy, mentally exercising new behavior and thought.

Anxiety tends to be an indicator of deeper concerns and my goal is to reach those depths and move with you through your pain. When connecting further underneath the surface with a skilled clinician such as myself, it is not infrequent that other concerns pop up. but don’t worry too much, I know how to be safe in the process. Come and create a place of safety and trust with me so we can change your life.

These Anxiety counseling services are provided in Frisco counseling and Celina counseling locations in North Texas.

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