This type of care and connection is one on one counseling with focus on improving different facets of one's life or all of ones life. Coming to counseling with a symptom or symptoms is hard at first. Many of my clients have said they are nervous to start. You are not alone! Once we establish what to work on the awkwardness frequently goes away. There are not really any topics too weird to address. Most of the time we find meaning and reasons for our mental health concerns when we are honest and open about our struggles.

The symptoms vary to a great degree. Most clients agree there is a list of symptoms and some bother them more than others. I help with the process by working through the priorities concerning which symptoms are significant to you. Most of all your belief about what is troubling you is the greatest indicator.

As a counselor who has listened and interacted with many clients over the years, I am no less interested or surprised by anything that I hear because each case is unique, valued, and significant in my view. You are no exception. I take joy in working with people from all walks of life. A lot of my interest is due to my want for different for my clients, a desire to train and develop a different narrative and voice in each of them, and a hope that someday I will say goodbye to a person who has new heart, soul and mind. Each of you bring the potential for lasting change with you to the office.

The degree of change found in a counseling setting varies with consideration of acceptance of change, making choices that are effective in choosing different thoughts, emotions and behaviors and taking the one by one steps to overcome various types of concerns. Intensity of the work varies, but you are the best person to know what level you want for yourself and I work hard to listen and join you in your rhythm.

Sessions usually run on a weekly basis for a minimum of 5-10 sessions before progress is seen and average 6 months or a year in their length of services. True change is a process. Please keep in mind that investing in yourself is a privilege and it’s an honor to serve and see your change as you move and grow.

These counseling services are provided by appointment at either our Frisco counseling or Celina counseling location in North Texas.

 To schedule your first appointment click here on my online scheduling tool or contact me by phone for more info.