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FEAR: Driving or Driven?

Individuals, couples, marriages, family... don't we all struggle with some form of fear as human beings. I do. I fight feelings of invalidation, unworthiness and frustration that fear creates in me. I cringe at the weakness that I perceive the world thinks of what means. I struggle with how high or low fear drives me. This roller coaster and flood of emotions that seems to dictate my sense of....

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Lust of anything is something that creates division or dissociation from a real connection with God. Do we lust after the fruits of the Spirit? So often the thought that we could remain focused on the goodness of God is lost on a generation that desires more and more evil ways that thinking. I struggle myself with thoughts of evil and also hear in my sessions with others their struggle to overcome or their complacency to remain in bondage. I hope this is a good word or challenge to not remain. Press on.

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