Holiness is relational - L. T. Jeyachandran

Holiness is relational - L. T. Jeyachandran

This quote was striking to me because I was coming to know God more fully. He is more than a single entity. The Holy Triune God is perfect in that He is not One God doing 3 roles or things, but He is One God living out 3 beings simultaneously separate yet together. The segment of Ravi Zacharias Ministries International was the source as it challenged me to think about the attributes and qualities of God who is Triune and is separate, but not. To describe it without a negative is that He is ALL, ALL, ALL. Or perhaps He IS. 

It was in this context that I realize again how hard it is to conceptualize and really know God. I know He is ALL. I find that to be hard to grasp and Scripture indicates this to be true that God is God because He is not able to be reached, fathomed, conceptualized, or created. He provided the image of who He is, imprinted on us so we might seek to find or know more, but to capture the essence of who, what, where, or all of God is to minimize His true wealth, status, identity or being.

Much more so I realize that fear begets wisdom, and fearing what I don't know is all right, but finding every day an opportunity to move toward the Almighty is a pursuit that is unending and gives great joy because there is no end of such pursuits.

So back to the original quote of L. T. Jeyachandran is that Holiness does not hold itself in isolation as a Mono Theism or lonely and separate God. Scholars have searched and found references in Biblical Scripture that indicate the relational qualities of the Trinity and how it is individual and All One, yet 3 parts who are Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

One example of ALL parts being One is at the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. The Father indicated his pleasure with an audible voice, there was a visual representation of the Spirit coming down from above, and Jesus was standing in the water with drops of Jordan River water dripping from his human face as John and the witnesses around had heard God indicate from heaven “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:17. The Gospel of John 3:30 reports John the Baptizer's later response from followers questioning the ministry of Jesus and his disciples who were also baptizing. The followers determined Jesus actions to be competitive or decreasing the focus on John's ministry as people began turning toward Jesus. What appeared to them as a decrease or lessening or perhaps power as we humans think of and crave such things, was part of the Plan of God. John himself reports that John's role as the one was sent ahead of Christ is lessening because his role is complete, much as a best man or groomsmen hears the voice of the groom who has arrived. John says - "He must become greater; I must become less.”

May the eyes of my heart turn toward truth and the presence of the only true Love - Mark 12:30, the eyes of my mind remove their sinful focus and gain the mind of Christ - I Cor 2:16, and may the soul of my spirit abide in the presence of the Living and Triune God as I know the power of the cleansing blood shed for me. - Isa. 6:6 and Isa 1:18.

Peace be with you.