Recently there was a devotional that really connected with the harmony of my heart in that I don't want to be caught up in lustful pleasures. John Piper explained that faith is the antidote for lust. Faith in God providing for all of my needs. I do find that if I believe the lie that even was at the original sin - You are not enough, or you could do better, or you can gain more, or have some of this because it will make you feel better than you are. All of these lies are focused on the evil thoughts being greater than Almighty God. When I give into the thoughts that anything is better than God, I am definitely in sin and in lust land for something that is not true.

But best of all, I read that God withholds no good thing from those who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11), and that the pure in heart will see God (Matthew 5:8).

John Piper reports at the end of a list of "do not's" that really if we replace the focus of "not's" with a focus on what is pure and holy there is a life full of faith, hope, and love. I would recommend you going and seeing Piper's short read if you struggle with placing the things of the world in front of the things of heaven. I know we struggle as a human race to truly understand the heavenly realm and places, but I do know one thing. I know that my earthly understanding is far from what will be when I am removed and with Christ. God withholds no good... I am often duped into believing there is good from this world that could be present. If its source is not God himself, then we are worshiping evil.

Am I guilty of wanting to stimulate my dopamine levels that lead to variable measures of pleasure from different sources other than faith filled focus? Absolutely. Paul in Romans 6 talks about even at the end of his life struggle to do the things he did not want to do.

My want to be rid and be pure only comes with dying. Dying to self, but also death itself that will redeem me fully. Should I create a desire and cultivate a desire to be with Jesus? Yes, but that need not preempt his course of action and plan for my life. He see's to it that we are righteous through confession and repentance.

Even writing this, my brain explodes with thoughts about what I can give away to him and what he can cleanse. Jesus, you are such a Provider. How can I think about going to anyone else or any other thing to gain my peace, my joy, my wholeness. I tune in and turn back to Jesus, because it's like I own a self that is out of alignment.

Anyone driven an older car, or a car that was a degree or two off when you pointed it in the direction that you wanted it to go. I remember that one of my tires was low on an 8 hour trek one time and when I laid down to sleep I could not understand how my arms had seemed like they had been tussling with an NFL lineman all day. Redirecting to the point of pain. Does the pain come from attempting to steer against the flow, or is it because I am in motion to redirect my life back to the Spirit of God, confessing, and making amend for a time that I did not see him in agreement with my effort or action. I know both to be truthful.

I live a human existence and life and there is so much that is to be worked on and had in a life that really struggles for increased willingness on my part to forsake and to grasp a life that is redirected, aligned, and set to work so that it gives an aroma of praise to Jesus. What I consider good and bad is not a comparison. What I want is not close. What I desire is not from truth unless I am turning my mind, turning my eyes, and opening my heart to truth found in Scriptures of Christ. I know it to be a daunting, overwhelming task. Something that appears endless. Some day I want to see the Redeemer and know the strength that will appear when I sense in all of my being that He is Lord.

So Moses walked away from imperial wealth that was unfathomable and may even exist in ruins in Egypt today. He sought a life of faith. He knew himself not to have the faith. His encounter with a burning bush that would not succumb to the fire changed his perspective forever. He returned to the rescue of his people. God allowed him to confront the ruler of his time. He went in with fear and trepidation, and was present to many of the signs and wonders that were talked about for the ages. 

Several thoughts appear for me at this timeline sequence. What is your burning truth? What will you need to let go of in order to know your moment of holiness? How will God redeem you and the time that was spent in the pursuit of evil and the wilderness before He holds you again? When will we turn and remove our sandals or ways that are destructive? Who is the difference maker in your life to support your change? Where do you find your freedom?

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