Relaxation Opportunity

I was thinking about the opportunity that we have to be able to relax at any given moment and any given time. Relaxation is a mental process as much as a physical one. If we were really aware of how much time that we spend being listless or sedentary, could we create a better environment to reduce stress on the brain. The intent would reduce anxiety and increase firing of synapses that would wire together in better bundles.

  How much of the time do we entertain thoughts that are positive and good and that allow us to relax? Recently I have been teaching some of my clients specific visualization techniques to find a place of rest in the midst of a chaotic workday. One thing this points out for them is how they don't necessarily believe their life is stressful. When the realization comes over them that stress exists throughout their day, there is additional awareness or insight that increases not only in the session but translates to different behavior outside the session. Resistance to participation in types of visualization are frequent when I am discussing the techniques such as,

"When do I have time, Andrew?"


My internal response is, "Time is what you make it to be." This seems quite rude of me, but sometimes truth bites. 

However, generally I respond by saying, "When do you not have time to make a small change in your day that will help you overcome stressful situations? Isn't that why we're here?"

Resistance itself is not the problem. The response to resistance is the key. When I think about times that I was interacting with my siblings and we were having a tug-of-war or a little wrestling sometimes the key to winning was to go with the resistance instead of strain against it. Resistance, if it's a source of stress, allows flexibility to be able to either go with it or push/pull against. Making the Steph Curry no look pass to the small forward diving to the basket isn't always the winning play.


Not being aware is risky. Ignoring the 300 pound center about to play swat city won't guarantee points. So basic fundamental ball indicates increased opportunity. So, basketball might not be the way to express this concept best, but my siblings ending in a heap on the floor would happen when I refuse to resist and go with what the play is giving me. Balance my energy, tell myself what I control. Engage in proven behavior. Make a safe choice to channel my anxiety away from or go with the energy rather than control the outcome of what I know I don't manage. I  manage myself and allow others to manage themselves. This leads to reduced resistance.

So moving on from physics, the focus of my mind on visualizing what energy I control is similar to what allows Steph Curry to make effortless shots in basketball. He creates managed situations already reviewed in his mind and on the practice floor that mimic stressful situations so as to increase his percentages of success and reduce error. A professionals mind is already wired to fire together in a harmony of thought that translates to winning behavior on the court. Emotion and feeling become a synergy rather than a barrier by having redefined the meaning of their existence. Health becomes a matter of practice behavior learned from a healthier outlook, teacher, or experience. 

So, visualizing the shot, clearing your mind, focusing the wiring, and following through with the right candor and achieved behavior leads to successful calming and freedom to express your true self and best performance. My clients are loving the effect it has to train the mind to be mindful of its space and knowing what their go to space is when they recognize anxiety deregulating there intent to live life on their terms. 


Are you finding anxiety? Come see what it's like to disengage and reduce your output energy in order to preserve and find the calm way out.