Thankfulness: Writing

I had a moment that exploded in my synapses and filled my mind with joy. It was a moment that I thought should be written down. I have had the gift of being an article writer for a local mailbox magazine for one of the towns in the area. I have written articles with purpose regarding various facets or facts of mental health and its process on our psyche. I am glad to say that my co-worker extraordinaire as well contributed recently off her blog post. and 

The feedback from the editor has been encouraging and helpful. She noted that she enjoyed the articles and was able to connect lately with the thoughts of a mindful honorable woman that had spoken of her thoughts on cups and how they are filled or empty. I am so glad that the expressions that we all have, allowed for the joy in connecting thought, mind and souls. So my writing today is to express my thankfulness to disseminate information through helpful format in various ways to those around us. I am reminded of how the creative nature of a holy God became involved in the void so as to make something of substance. I see the words, I hear the tap, I feel the touch as I record the electrical or chemical responses in my mind which are interpreting the sounds of my heart and soul. 

Do you have a place that is not public, but that serves as a place of recording? A sound store of the trinkets in your inner being? An outlet of expression to reverberate across time? A place that you turn, tune, or tell about moments that you have known or that God has provided the knowing of who He is and who you are?

I hope so. May you find safety in this and dwell in peace.