Wednesday 701 Men's Group

I am thankful for the recent work I have been enjoying with a consistent group of men who have be sincere, secure, and stable in their commitment to their marriages and families regarding current and past events. They are really enjoying the dialogue they are having due to their common connections. As a facilitator I find it really a blessing to hear these men relate in a safe place on a regular basis.

Suggesting topics of conversation have gone in directions like I had thought and sometimes in places reaching depth and more meaning for each of them because they are working at being intentional with their time, themselves, and each other. I know recently the effect is having an impact on their external world outside of the group as well because they are reporting back small changes or interventions, ways of thinking, or handling a situation are making a difference for them in how they are creating good dialogue with those around them, and increasing positive experiences with their immediate relationships.

Sure, some would say it is a gossip fest, or a time to rag and blame, but in this space I don’t witness this happening because we are making sure we keep our hearts and thoughts pursuing purity and earnest desires for good outcomes with their various concerns. Having a place to express truths and seek wisdom from one another is such a fount of healing. It is such a pleasure to be creative in this space with these guys and hear their responses be mind opening toward new adventure, or teasing as they find laughter and joy in our talks. One of Freedoms markers I think is in the amount of belly laughs one can have at oneself or situation realizing we don't have to be controlling about something we thought, and the release comes in various waves of emotion.

My heart is this group would engage in continued care and healing. I pray other men in the area would know the same freedom and space to hold their heads high or low depending on their way of thinking, knowing there are others willing to look them in the eye and share the load. Silent affirmation and looks can mean so much with each other.

It screams "You've got this man!!! Keep going!!!"