Marriage has different seasons and times of connection in life. At any one point there could be a decision or choice that places your relationship status in pain. I work with any season and pain you may sense you are in. Frequently married couples visit with me at all different stages of their time together to provide a place where they can work out their differences and begin connecting again.

  1. The definition of marriage I am faithful to is a 3 part agreement between God, man, and woman.

  2. I am sensitive to persons who have known multiple marriages. The amount of marriage experiences one may have is not the focus to me.

  3. I focus on the health of your current covenant. When you stand before God to make a covenant connecting to another person for a lifetime of faithful union, there are going to be times when seeking help is necessary.

Some initial focus:

  • My intent is to treat the marriage rather than the individuals and so if both partners do not attend at the same time the session is not begun until they are both in agreement to be present at the same time. This however does not mean that an individual who wants to address marriage issues in individual counseling is precluded or not able to set an appointment by themselves. I also educate and teach my individual clients about marriage principles and how to interact and respond while in crisis when they are the only one willing come and seek counsel.

  • Sessions run for 50 minutes usually on a weekly basis for a minimum of 6-8 sessions to begin to see reduction of stress and education about how to cope. I make every effort to fight for the marriage to remain as a union.

  • There are some instances where unanimity does not occur which are namely connected to types of abuse in which I have prescribed at times the need for a marriage to have an agreed time of separation as described by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 7. The intent is to allow each individual to evaluate their wrongs and understand their individual responsibility before God and then to each other. These separations are meant to have guidelines and agreements before such activity commences instead of one spouse using it as a power play.

  • There are many situations where the couple is experiencing such adversity to their union that they are unable to meet in a mutual space and talk earnestly. I do make effort in these situations to work with the couple one on one until they are able to make time and space where they can calmly discuss their concerns together. Until able to do so, there may be a need for the couple to meet with me one on one with the intent that there are no secrets participated in by me, and that they agree their separation in counseling and even in life is temporary.

  • The full intent is to move toward union and preservation of marriage at all times.

*A word toward non-heterosexual unions - Because of my belief and worldview concerning marriage being Christ-centric, God being Sovereign over marriage, and Biblically based marriage as my absolute truth, I do not counsel other sexual status categories of couples. I have chosen not to provide such services because I am unable to provide clear direction and unbiased counsel to non-heterosexual unions due to my lack of experience and knowledge of how to help such couples. I am happy to report I have been able to connect with some other excellent providers in the LGBTQ community that I have personally developed solid connections to in the DFW area who provide excellent services to non-heterosexual couples. Should this be true of your situation or status please know you are loved and please reach out to me for referral to my excellent contacts and resources. TIA in advance for understanding the limits of my expertise and my willingness to refer you to the best provider that I know.

These marriage counseling services are provided at both Frisco counseling, and Celina counseling locations.

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