I pray you know where your faith lies.


I saw the phrase and it stirred a fresh meaning in me as I broke down the cadence and thought of the meaning of the person who had placed it careful as a part of the online identity he had crafted. I pray... he prays. He believes in talking to something that is greater than himself. He prays.

Do you pray?

I pray you know...


I pray you know... an earnest honest behavior of thinking about another. I pray... you know... sometimes said alone, it has so much implication because there is a previous reference of what is referred to as something that is spoken before or known. I pray you know.

I pray you know... where. A place. A location. An identifiable space in time and plane that can be returned to. I pray you know where...

Your faith lies.

It's reference to another again. Biding time to believe or imply that one who is speaking the idiom knows something they are certain of and wishing the same upon another, but taken apart from the words before... Your faith lies.

My faith lies? It remains prone? It is non moving and on it's side? All said in jest. Pun or word picture turned away from meaning that it is untruthful and is immobile on the ground.

Also there is for philosophical matters is an untruth? My faith, that which I use in mind and body to place my belief in something that I can neither hear nor see. I hear you indicating that my core belief... lies? 

You mean that the belief does not do what I want or think it to do? My faith lies? It's imperfect and incorrect and it tells me what I dare to want, but it does not provide an absolute?

Surely I am taking this whole prayer and phrase and making it more broken than whole. I know when I have broken things before there is a certain use and new birth that could come from the breaking.

A couple of instances that come to mind are the breaking of a heart spoken of in Psalm 34. It says God is near to the broken. Also if the grape had not been broken to create the wine, or the myrrh and oils to be broken from their sealed flask upon a body that was still alive and wiped away with tears and flowing silk strands of hair.

What about the broken that were restored? Sight, leprosy, death, limbs and lives. What faith did the Centurion have, and the disciples question, or prayer invoke in the driving away of evil. Think of the joy of having a child be whole, or return, or become what they had been, yet different for having been through the pain. Oh what images of joy when the deepest heart of a parent could witness the greatest wish come true.

Lately I have witnessed the desires of parents ache when their offspring are finding the world to be harsh. The throws of substance abuse, or relationships gone to rot. A parent aches at times more than their charge.

So, I pray...


I pray where I know...

A prayer of faith remains.

A prayer that is answered, and becomes great joy.

Are you anticipating through your prayer the potential of great joy? Are you claiming joy before it breaks? Is this why you pray? Have you had the know of prayer become the joy of answer so as to strengthen the faith to pray again?

The strength is rooted in where, whose, or what it remains fixed upon. Hymns remind us in their words of what it's fixed, built and remains. Focused, unbroken, never ending faith that is without shaking. Solid, firm faith foundation that remains where it lies. Do you let your faith lie to you? No, this is not safe. However, trust that it lies in the one true God who sent its only Son as an offering for all, and the harvest is plentiful.

Make faith be what tears apart lies with absolute truth.