My Rooted Soul Counseling


Life is hard and the winds of desperation can whistle loudly in the hollow oaks of our lives.  When you and your family have experienced deep pain, hurts, and trauma, your roots are withered, dry and may need transplanting into a different environment that nourishes your soul.  My Rooted Soul Counseling practice is here to help you nurture, water and strengthen your inner roots to grow deep, confident and strong in the light of proven Biblical principles of truth, psychological discoveries that provide treatment relief, and evidence based practice focused on renewal and growth.  Rooting your soul in truth, purpose and direction take time, effort and frequently compassionate guidance from others who consider our best and love us when we are at our worst.  When your soul is rooted, you can stand in the fiercest storm.

Please consider other parts of this site as a start to attempting to find how to live in the midst of finding a path of healing. I am also available by phone or email for consultation and consideration of your concerns not only in counseling but also as professional provider to various business development enterprises. Thanks for starting your next steps!