My Rooted Soul was created to meet you where you are. It doesn't matter if you are on a mountain peak or in the deepest valley or just seeking some direction for life as you know it, there is a SPACE for you TO COME and create life, find peace, and seek meaning. My Rooted Soul is a grass roots effort to get back to basics of knowing what you can BE, who you are, whose you are, and what others will know you by. Have you ever thought that every second that goes by might be THE ONE where you stop living in fear and come out of your shell.  ...Tell your depressed self goodbye. ...Find meaning in the pain. YOU push into the work and world as you KNOW it with determination, faith, hope and love. I get that hard work is not easy and I am here to support your efforts by listening, walking, knowing, and being a safe place you can come to so that YOU WILL develop into the metamorphosis that was meant to BE.

We offer counseling to individuals, marriages, and families who want to find renewal and change.

Take a moment and look over my site for more details about my experience.