Journeying Deeper

Have you ever thought that you were at the end of yourself with something new or negative and then you found in the subsequent days the strength to go deeper?

That is the sense that I am having these days. I recently found out that my employment was taking a different and new direction and led me to form a new opportunity for myself. Taking on the responsibility of the process myself to "hang my shingle" has found me looking for nails, finding a hammer... knowing that I could always use my shoe... but wanting to make sure I found the right tools to do the job well. The process is quite fun, but certainly a process not for the faint of heart. I have found myself at times in the faint section wondering how I may have gotten tripped up by XYZ and vowing to refocus my energy on self care and taking current stock of needs and wants.

Latest findings seem to me there are personal investments and then there are things that are investments for someone else. The latter appear to have your money for themselves. But this is not a thought about investing as much as it is about making wise choices and moving forward with faith that your wise choice or the source that it comes from is good and for you and not against you.

So to all the wise choice makers out there. Keep choosing wisdom.

Further discovery is that I am rooting deeper in the process to things that I really had known were there, but had not taken the time to resolve or foster. My rooted-ness (if a word) is being challenged and every day. I look for the good soil, the water, and the nutrients that will foster my roots. There is a thought I learned as a boy that comes back to me in these moments. That I would be a tree that is planted by streams of living waters. I know that the people I meet or the places I am could mean a stream of life or could be a desert. I look for the living. I look for the growth. I look for the budding of the flowers like in springtime, but all of that is appearance based at times.

Stick a coat of paint on a board and it looks grand, but if it is not living anymore then it is stagnant and a wood to be used as is or discarded. I so desire in my heart of hearts to be a root that is firm and that feeds the vibrant wood of my soul, so that the rings of process in the in will show the heavy and lean years and find that my root was just as deep as my reach to the sky.

Go deep. Grow deep. Be rooted.

If you are struggling with the process come see me.