Visiting, Marketing, and Renewal!

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I had an impromptu meeting on Facebook where I accepted an invite from Misty a referral manager for Healing Springs Ranch. Not know what I know now, I thought it a good time to get out of the city and discover. It was that for sure! And I am all the better for it in that I had an adventure on my hands. 

First and foremost it was an adventure because I was staking new territory. I had not been through the by ways and paths I traveled before. I set out from the house with some wonder.

Before I left mind you I did bring some water to drink, a cell phone to guide my lost sense of direction and pattern at times, and there was some gas in the tank.

My wife had requested that I text when I left and text when I get there. I am sure she was thinking that there was a future call of concern coming. Texas, compared to other loved ones home states I know, usually is a balmy above 32 degree place. This day bordered on the 32 and the wind chill had caused the ice to form above ground. Another thought or evidence that bridges do "ice over" because of the air around them.

I texted, "OK. Just leaving the house" and was off to see the Wizard who was in this case Misty.

I journeyed out in the rain yesterday and was so glad that I did. It was much different than I thought it would be and sharing my destination and the feelings I had afterward are a hoot or a blessing. You choose!

Below is a picture that I took that does not compare to the ice that could be seen on the trees, the wind blowing across the path, and the glances that I had at my on-board thermometer scanning the outside conditions.

Particularly engaging were the times I would pass through a low lying land or brook and see the abundance of water, trees and ice that had accumulated on them.

Stopping for a moment and listening was the sound of glass chattering in the wind, or maybe it was my teeth. Not sure.


As you can see in the photos I made progress, and was able to get to the gates of my destination. The whole way I was counting the beauty that was present. A long horn grazing in the rain. A hay bale over in the field. The red barn. A horse on 455 that was placed by its owner as a point of reference. Those that would pass it would see it as a landmark too,  as this was a sculptured horse that was made to set in the same place. Brook after brook, stream after stream, bridge after bridge.

At one point in a low lying area I wondered if the barrage that was hailing from above would increase to a gusto causing the swollen remains of the eddy's and bayous to burst and not be able to give way to my little car. I am happy to be writing in the warmth as evidence that it did not burst beyond. So we chortled and chirped - at least it seemed this on the roof of the car, as I passed by scene after scene. It was fresh and new.

Passing a green as green could be alfalfa field in the middle of a February thunderstorm was a pleasant and vivid experience. The roots of the field had taken and were healthy. The opposite vista of the field on the other side was devoid of the green lush color. One of the pictures above has a peek at this. It was such a contrast I slowed and took a picture to remind myself of it's stark nature.

Arriving at the gate I found it closed and took a moment to view my surroundings. A large picturesque oak of some sort was in the distance at the end of the lane and made a contrast in the sky. Notices of all types emblazoned on the front of the gate as word warnings to those that would enter, were present. It made me think twice as to whether I should enter at the prompting of the voice on the squawk box. Looking above the gate however there was a hope message.

Healing... Healing Springs... Healing Springs Ranch.

In the distance as well, the water welling up from the springs, and the 9 hole course golf tee's surrounding the ample space was evidence that it was tended and at the very least recreational. On this day however, the only thing on the tee boxes were the dancing rain drops and the howling wind.

"Go to the Bunk House," was the instruction I had heard, "and park next to it and come inside to the warmth," was the thing that beckoned me further onto the property. Misty had said to arrive at 11:30 and I was almost on the dot. I pulled into a space under another large oak and turned off the putter of my trusty vehicle. As a married man thinks next upon arrival of a destination, I turned off the GPS and tapped out "Here" to my Mrs. Deed done I listened to the chatter of nature for a second and then noted I would need to venture out into it. 

At this point I found a zipper to be a friend to me. I heard it's distinctive sound, felt my jacket close tighter, and stuck my head out to the stinging winter rain. Beep Beep went the locks and I proceeded with haste to the promise of warmth. As I was headed that direction another VW approached and the driver waived. I paused for a moment, still thinking about the warmth, and thought to myself it must be my guide.

True enough. Misty, an enthusiastic red head in a teal green dress and rain boots, beckoned me forward. She jumped out and said "Hello, Andrew."

Of course through the electronic maze there are images of ourselves all over and she had obviously seen my representation online. I am thankful that it was true enough for her to put two and two together.

She popped the back door and grabbed a down vest while stating "Welcome to the Ranch!" I exchanged the pleasantry and we entered into the warmth.

Next was the security process which was thorough and significant. I will spare the details, but I will say that Healing Springs goes to good measure to care for their patients safety. I cannot appreciate that enough as I know that I would want that for my future referral.

I won't go into more detail about the Ranch other than to say that while I was there it was very pleasant, eye opening, and encouraging. They take time for everyone who steps foot there and I can sense and grasp the compassion in the air they have for all who are there working out their life goals and new focus.

Well there was a note or two that I really can't hold back and that is that I saw some former colleagues who are now working there at, and was delighted for the moments we had reconnecting and enjoying a few words of catch up and what's happening now. Of course I told them all about my venture of and the meaning that I hope to bring to Celina, Frisco, and the neighboring cities. I know our respective expertise will work well together and be a blessing to those in need of our services.

Returning to the metropolis of home, I reached out to my love and told her I was again on the road.  I know its a wonder that I am able to move about on my own, ha. I respect her so much and I do things in our relationship out of love. I found the rain even more forceful and the temperature descent even further, but I made it back to warmth.



A brown paper sack was next to me on the seat as I traveled home that had come from the Springs. It was a source of delight as I had the time to look at its contents the next day. I find each of the items to be declaring a message of hope and renewal.

Well thanks for making the journey with me and I hope you had just as much fun!

Come see me soon as I think we will!

- Andrew