Cost of Care: Rates

I don't want my fee's to be a barrier to anyone wanting to get good counseling. I know if some can't afford a fee there are other offerings that I could direct people to consider, but I would want to work it out before someone would have to do different if I could.

I do think my counsel and experience is worth the cost that is being asked. I know that I need to find a price point that is possible for the people in the area as a fair price for the goods offered. I have begun to pray about this as it is something where I know I have my family to care for and bills to pay as everyone does, but I hope that my fee would not be something that would prevent people from seeking services I provide. I know some would desire free services, but I think that my expertise is worth more than that and it would not be respectable of me to offer my expertise in this manner.

I have made some adjustments to the rates that I think will be favorable and I hope competitive to what others are experiencing. Please take a look.

So there is a process I am going through to determine and trust the Lord in all of the areas of my life and this business.  I want him to be glorified and I pray He is.

If you have more questions or considerations about this email me. Thanks - Andrew