Insurance and why I don't

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A word about insurance: the reason that I do not currently carry insurance is that it allows me to focus more on the content and process of the counseling I provide without the administration involved in reporting to insurance providers, negotiating the rates for the services and verifying there are benefits that fit our purposes and that I qualify. Frequently those I work with indicate the Super Bill form receipt that I give all clients  they submit to their insurance provider for reimbursement gives them return on their investment in themselves. It's nice to see the checks come back from the insurance company instead of going out. I note as well that when folks have not met deductibles there is still a cost and frequently the cost of a specialist copay is high. I wanted to repeat that with the paperwork I provide there is a reimbursement frequently to you directly from your insurance provider and this could work out financially more advantageous than going and working with providers that are billing at 120+ dollars to receive from insurance providers a negotiated reduction in price of 30- 50% less than what is billed and an amount of what the insurance provider wants to pay the counselor, which happens to be frequently about the cash amounts that you see above. So... if you want more explanation, call me. I will attempt to make finances as painless for us all as possible. Thanks.


Following forms of payment are accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Cash App, and Bank Transfer

Sliding scale will be considered if information is submitted that would meet criteria as determined by Andrew.

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