What does a safe seeking community do?

I was recently connected with members of a regular group that I am making a point to meet with and today I was amazed at the amount of information in the form of diverse thoughts that were present in the group concerning understandings that appeared to some very clear and to others very vague. Topic and conversation are less what I am pounding about here, rather than the idea that while you think you are similar to the people next to you on the freeway, bus,  or train, if you sit and listen and think about what is truly being debated in the process of people who are mulling, musing, or talking about a concept, given they are being provided time and space to work out their formulation as much as you are, and others are present are listening, there was a myriad of concepts that were jumping around the room, but not really jiving with the heart connection that I know I have with similar concepts at times. I could walk away with a heart of pride and be the mad man that says they have it all wrong.

There is a deeper purpose and moment here, however, that I want to revere and propose. I have known God to work on my heart first and then change my tongue and mind after I have been assured of the ways my heart would go. I think God works in the hearts of man and not in their minds at first. He turns their hearts first, and their minds lastly toward Himself and His purposes, because He desires the inner being of man to be truly renewed. I remember David being a "man after God's own heart".

While my concept of God may not jive with your concepts of God, and I am even more open to this as a reality given my recent experience of a group of seeking men. I am in the realization that it is in this give and take, and processing spirit in the group that I have committed to, that there is a common desire to work out the thoughts personally, without correction from others for the now. It is honorable to each person and man to be heard without being debated and corrected from mine or any other persons views because it's not about the correction, but rather the inner workings of what God is doing in their personal process that is so much more pure, holy, and golden. He is loving those He loves and  He allows us to wallow, tussle, struggle, and create in this life we have been preserved to live. He truly desires all of creation will come to a knowing that God the Father sent Jesus Christ as His Son, Ambassador, and Representative, so that we might each know how deep, how great, and how wide the love of the Creator God the Father would have toward each of us. It does not matter if one believes or not, but it matters that God is displaying love in such a force that He is dying to have a relationship with us!

So who am I to say what is right other than what would God have me do in these moments myself in working out my sanctification and expounding on concepts that are hard to put together for myself. Joining in the group with my understanding of what I know to be purity and truth and expressing the praise toward heaven of the Divine Being of Christ Alone, Father, and Holy Spirit. I believe that all of this is giving rise to praise toward God. I hope a group of grown middle aged men who are debating and conversing about His existence in respectful and reverential tones is praiseworthy to God. Its tone is causing even the ones who are debating within themselves as to the understanding of truth or lie, that they might come to a further conclusion as to whether it or He exists or does not exist.

I have thought to be familiar with how community works to this point, but the gist of it is in this righting and working out that I am learning a held tongue in the midst of a person opening their heart to worship and work out hope, faith, salvation, or suffering is a thing of beauty. If you are happening to read through this and longing for such a space as well. Message me and I can tell you more about the power of worshiping through communicating about what our poor minds are doing to understand the behavior and actions of a Holy God.