Reaching out... because of night terrors

I had a flash of a moment …

to think about how to connect with people in need of counseling due to waking in the night from past memories and pain….

and I just want you to know I am doing everything I can to consider different ways of connecting with you… Sure so much information is available for self help on the internet about how to heal from disturbing things but information isn’t necessarily a comfort to the concerns we have that keep us awake at night.

So I want to speak to you if you are reading this, alone, fearful or frightened in the night.

Reviewing, ruminating, or believing that you are all alone and no one would understand isn’t very much fun.

I want to understand.I want to know …….and I want to be a real human

that is able to bear up with you under the strain that you are feeling.

SO… In order for me to connect with you…

I have an online 24 hour way of scheduling with me through my scheduling portal that will alert me to your need as soon as you wish.

I hope that is a comfort, and I make it a point to respond as soon as I am able to do so.

Sure, I do have to sleep too, but I wanted to make sure that you knew that you don’t have to wait until the morning or think that you’’ll disturb me or that your concern isn’t really worthy or counseling isn’t really something that I need… Thoughts…. that would not have you do what you know you need to do…

I’ve talked myself out of many things that are so helpful to me when I don’t talk myself out of them… ha… your gonna tease me because I talk to myself… not in that way, but I think you know what I am meaning…

I know it’s a hard step to reach out, but I assure you that nightmares or night terrors are something that

I know I can assist you in overcoming

and while it takes courage, a little bit of time and what you think is being weak when it is really not to reach out to me through the scheduling button, I assure you the people that have done so have thanked me so much for helping them understand that they are not crazy, or alone, or having to hide their pain anymore.

Hit this link and you are on your way to something new… Scheduling