-- Time is relative to the person who is viewing it and believing it's measure is over or under a subjective measurement of ticks on a dial. --


In an effort to reduce my anxiety regarding time, I have resolved to think differently about what I control. I control me. I control what I put into me. I control my thoughts. I control my activities based on those thoughts. I am a man who controls and resolves to control me. I desire to no longer have time control me. Time is a measurement that does not make, create, or determine my worth. I have lived in error of the thought that time is in control of my health, wealth, and creativity. I resolve to choose to live differently with regard to time by creating this resolution.

I am a faith follower of a Creator who is lovingly in charge and empowers me to choose life.

I am a husband who chooses to create moments and memories with my wife. 

I am a father who chooses to invest my creative ability with my children.

I am a son and brother who chooses to behave with love toward my origin.

I am a provider who chooses to share hope, grace, and love toward humanity.

Time has been a struggle to me. Specifically it seems to win when I desire to be present with the whole family at a particular place. To accomplish the fete it appears my anxiety reaches heights that are manageable in a different way. I desire my struggle to lessen. I know it may lessen if I can defeat and manage my belief about time by resolving to believe a different truth about time.

Time has been deemed by different philosophies and writings as being something that is a variable that remains constant. It moves forward without my consent. It remains forward. It does not appear to slow. My perception causes the greatest effect, but perception may stretch the truth or lie.

This resolution and focus on what I believe about time is needed to create change in my life. Focus on  identities that supersede it's power to cause reactive behaviors that are displeasure, divisive, and  defeating is something I truly long for in my life. It would create a different conversation and interaction with the relationships noted above. My Creator who is present throughout time, it would appear in my own understanding to become more affluent in my life, as I saw the value of time with Him as valuable. My wife blossoms when I am  intent on memory making. My children regulate themselves differently when I notice them, play, or look them in the eye. My heart warms when noticing my own memories of siblings and caregivers. My self worth and pride increases when I give to others. I own a commodity that once spent with or without my permission does not return. Time. 

My challenge or desire is that you would resolve to be in control of time in the significant gifts of relationships that you have been granted. Perhaps you did not choose the people in your life. You can spend time feeling depressed about how you didn't choose. However healthy living empowers your "control" by choosing your attitude toward yourself, Creator, and others.