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The Season of Masks

What kinds of masks do you like to dress up with? Is it Superhero, Scary or Seductive? I find that in my work I talk about the masks people use as crutches. They latched on to it and enjoyed being something different and then at some point they realize it isn’t working anymore, but the harder they try to pry the smile, the paint, the eyes off their real self the more painful it is. I know the Master Mask Maker and I try to ask him to help and go to him for wisdom when we are facing changes in how a person is working to present their real self to the world. Read more here so you can understand how masks are fun at first, but could be painful later.

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Mental Health

Many variations exist throughout culture and spiritual precedence when the words mental health are utilized. Some would interact with such as an ongoing dialogue. Others would stray or avoid such conversations. Mental health has taken on a lot of good, but also there are some misnomers and myths that are not correct about what mental health is to the average human being.

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