Mental Health

For this post I want to limit myself to the concepts of what I know and work with as a licensed professional in that I know mental health to be a state or quality of humanity that creates life giving aspects, meets needs, and develops relationships that are more inclusive than exclusive. I note that mental health is elusive to some and it’s not my intent to regard the lack of such today. My intent defines the desire within all creative and well regarded beings to not do harm to self or others.

So much of mental health was stripped of its dignity when earlier forms of treatment were focused on reducing the behaviors and negative norms to a debased state. The medical model pursued anesthesia more than working the ways they knew would change a being. Older practitioners have been interviewed by me and speak of such behavior changes as “the Walk”. There was a certain drug or drugs that would create a manner of walk that was common to all who was prescribed the medication. I feel saddened in those moments of learning because the difference in the way that such process is handled now is increasingly humane. One who would have experiences would not think the humanity would apply as anxiety and euphoric processing gives way, and rational thought is not considered in some cases, but simple monitoring and initial doctoring by the hospital providers that I have known has shortened a hospital stay of months or years to day or hours. There is contention in the mental health community as to the result of the time being different, but with progress there is process and change that either one proceeds or is left behind.

GIVING Aspects

When having to manage a particular mosquito and hearing it come near your ear, it's dive bomb effect or our reaction is to respond with a "SLAP!" to the area near ones ear. I wonder how effective the results are, or if the mosquito's learned behavior to annoy humans is to watch us hit our own heads in consternation and frustration. Maybe it's high pitched avoidance of our attempts is also mixed with the sound of it's laughter. It's generally ended by our joy finding our mark and not seeing blood, it's stunned body falling to the floor. Or our disgust of seeing the red splotch and saying "Ahhh! he got me or somebody! There's blood!"

First: Mental Health is not attained by hitting ourselves on the head! Rather mental health is attained by seeking out the cause of the pain or annoyance, and then reviewing the way to direct the effect differently. So many who interact with my services express consternation of having only come when it got worse, or state they ran out of options. Their recuperation is remarkable as a direct change when I influence their logic, but I challenge persons who are not in crisis to come and have a check up like you would go to the doctor and have lab work done. I believe checking in with a clinician who is well versed in mental health is imperative for maintenance more than keeping them on speed dial when you have crossed the center median or don't know how you got to Cloudcroft, NM.

Second: Mental Health is attained by being intentional and impartial to self. Sure those may be opposites but the application is important. If I intentionally seek out a space of well being and something that teaches me to create kindness or well being toward myself in this fast paced world, then I am creating resource that increases by longevity or endurance. Should I be impartial to how I create such resources, then my open minded strategy could lead me to a source of peace or truth that is congruent and everlasting. An everlasting source of fill in the blank seems to be something that is common to most humans who agree that this would create positive or benefit. I find that so many of the marketing tools capitalize on such concepts. Mental health is an intent to be impartial, so that I don't create limitation that increases stress, but mental health is not ethereal and fairies. It's a learned way of thinking, emoting, and behaving. 

Think about how many unconstitutional things you participated in high school and how sometimes with developing testosterone or estrogen bodies, how many of you would admit to behaving or considering life changing thoughts that would have turned your direction fully in another way if such decision had been made. I realize I am being triggering to some, but really, if you admit that you survived the local community called high school, then you can freely admit that you have some form of varying degree of mental health. Those that got directed by their minds and choices into funnels that they are unhappy with now are not married to remaining in this first test of the brain type scenario. Man has the fundamental ability to change the choice and this quality alone recreates and caused the brain to morph, make, measure, or meld itself into a different outcome. Literal scanning now has been reviewed, studied, researched and Caroline Leaf indicated in a recent book I recommend for it's Christian perspective and it's neuro bio-science research called Switch On Your Brain, that in learning more about the function within the brain she has come to a greater conclusion that Scripture is more profound than ever. Passages take on a new scope of meaning in light of her creative pursuit of seeking wisdom through Biblical research and Scientific study. She notes that the verse concerning that mercies are new every morning, took on a different meaning to her when she connected in her own mind what she was seeing. She was reviewed the activity of the brain with regard to how it regenerates or makes new cells and paired in her mind the scriptural pleasure and principle of an Almighty God who created the infinite and finite, making the choice to allow very minimal small portions of the brain to have new cells that are generated on a daily basis. Over the days use then, the brain takes these cells and trains them in various ways. Leaf, notes that unconscious process and training is taking place every day as cells change and are used for both good and evil. Sure this is a spiritual concept in a treatise on mental health, but isn't the melding of the two a part of being healthy and whole?


Third: The needs and relationships part then for me after writing out the thought above is lived out by understanding what mental health gives us from the beginning. My choices to choose evil or decrease well being by using my cellular level of process and engagement in things of evil will result in evil. My choices to choose to challenge myself toward good and increasing my well being toward good by engaging in good process will increase my engagement with good resulting in good.

Choice is something that I still marvel at and don't fully grasp the whole importance of as I see how clearly I am created and creative with my single ability to choose.

So thank you for choosing to read to the end and pick a piece of the pie provided that is an example of how I am investing in personal and professional growth with good and evil people who are longing to be loved, cherished, and fed with absolute and simple truths that will make a life long change in how they approach their choices.

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